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ShiHou doodles

1) Listening to Anna’s ShiHou playlist ^~^
2) ShiHou in the rain!

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Truth Unveiled

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School raid trip Inumuta Houka !!!
I really liked the tracksuit uniforms u///u

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Arcade Shihou!

Thanks to Kuma for such a cute Arcade date headcanon~ I could not resist the urge to draw it!!!
The stuffed animal was an homage to ぽんこつ, the god of shihou u///u

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Quick uzuhou doodles
1) uzuhou college AU
2) just an everyday uzuhou ^,^ ..

3) uzuhou in the rain

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About / FAQ


Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog! ^0^/

My name is Lithium, 20+n years old, preferred pronoun “she”
and I like to doodle things.
Currently drawing a lot of Inumuta Houka (from Kill la Kill).


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uzuhou - Uzu Sanageyama / Houka Inumuta
shihou - Shiro Iori / Houka Inumuta


Do you take requests?
: Yes! My ask box is always open!  But I cannot guarantee that I will be drawing all the requests/suggestions.  Please do know that I already have a pile of requests, and I am very slow. I am also at a tight schedule these days so expect them to be very late…!

Which tool do you use to draw?
: I use Clip Studio Paint.  Sometimes Photoshop for editing but never for drawing.  I use Sai for the quick doodles.

Can I use your art?
: Yes.  You don’t even need to ask/credit me when you are using them for your own personal purposes only.  As long as you don’t claim it as your own or make profit out of it, I am fine with it!  If you source it, all the better!  I’m a little sensitive about using my art as your personal icon (or a profile pic) though, please do put the source in that case.  

: I like romance and bromance equally!  I tend to draw more romantic relationships these days due to my own thirst (help me tumblr artists X8…!!), but I love the platonic relationship as well.

Do you ship ___?
: I SHIP ALL KILL LA KILL SHIPS … you can call me trash for this… ShiHou and UzuHou are my OTP, but I also like other homo/hetero ships.

Let’s talk about Houka?
: YES. The best way to talk to me (the only way really, except for the ask box) is through Twitter.  I don’t have Skype or other messengers…  I’m really active on twitter though, so talk to me on twitter and I will follow you!

Thanks for taking your time to read this page!
Houka Love ♡


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oops more uzuhou

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Uzuhou in the rain ^,^

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hairpin Houka and short-haired Iori